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Cosmetic Dentristry

Wile the term Cosmetic Dentistry can be a bit confusing, and there is no official specialty recognized by the industry, at Pleasantsmiles we use the term to communicate a specific set of processes we provide when the goal is to cosmetically enhance the appearance of your smile.

Obtaining a beautiful and healthy smile (often referred to as Cosmetic Dentistry) requires many processes and specialized skills. Since 2007, Dr. Athari has been successful in providing such care to our local entertainment industry along with an ever-increasing family of patients. To do so, he has built a strong working relationship with local labs that can create the necessary items needed and have a history of understanding what the goal is for each individual as well as delivering a very high-quality item in a reasonable timeframe.

Many factors must be addressed, considered and planned for:

  • Occlusion (basically the bite and the way the teeth come together) is a critical area of expertise. Ensuring proper bite requires correct and adequate diagnosis by the professional, effective communication and collaboration between dentist and patient, and a highly specialized lab to produce the final products (such as veneers and crowns).
  • While it’s easy to recognize the importance of the dentist’s skills, it’s imperative the lab technicians have immense knowledge of occlusion and bite. To create prostheses that function well, are appropriate and beautiful is an art form. To recreate (by hand) the way natural teeth look and work, is knowledge, skill, and time intensive. While working with highly skilled individuals tends to be more expensive, the investment is well worth the cost.
  • To accomplish the desired outcome, your dentist must design your smile in advance. Your dentist must have the skills to determine what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and in what order it needs to be done to create an appropriate plan. Once you understand all of that, your dentist must then have the ability to implement the plan efficiently. To achieve the best result, your dentist may require the services of other professionals (like the lab technicians described above) and high-end products that are ordered and then created — also, your mouth needs time to heal properly between each step of the journey.

It is not enough to have a beautiful smile. To enjoy the outcome, your mouth must function properly.

Cosmetic Dentistry (as it is commonly known), done correctly, is a complex set of problems that must be analyzed and skillfully approached for a long lasting, functional and beautiful outcome.