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We offer a wide range of treatments for all age groups, with a particular emphasis on issue prevention, our dentists use the most advanced techniques available.

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Dr. Athari - Pleasant Smiles Dentist 89123

Dentist 89123

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I am a proud graduate of Northwestern University (the preeminent institution recognized throughout the world as the academic home of Dr. Black, the Father of American Dentistry). Upon graduating in 1999, with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery, I began a journey fed by my passion for delivering high-quality care and a desire to find a way to treat one patient at a time. Dr. Athari is the founder and one of the instructors for 3rdSET® Implant Solutions where they provide implant services to patients from all over the world as well as educating other doctors so that they too can be part of this growing group of dentists who perform this highly skilled service from single to full mouth implants.

The Best Technology & Process in Modern Dentistry!

From paperwork to full mouth restoration, our goal is always the same. To provide our patients with a stress-free environment, efficiently addressing each of their needs, with dignity and respect. Our approach ensures a stable mouth that can last a lifetime. Early preventative work and minimally invasive treatment can often address minor problems and stave off major issues. When a patient presents with more difficult problems (moderate to severe), there are many options to regain optimal function and appearance. Through a variety of procedures and appliances, a youthful, healthy, and stunning smile is within every patient’s grasp.

Dental Promotions

 Available only for new patients without insurance. All dental promotions must be purchased online prior to your first appointment.

Dental Clinic 89123

Emergency Exam, X-Ray

From minor pain to fractures or loss of teeth, at Pleasant Smiles we do our best to address dental emergencies as quickly as possible. We will get you in if you are having an emergency situation either the same day or the next business day.
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Dental Office 89123

Single Tooth Extraction

Remember an infection should be looked at and treated. It does not matter where this infection is despite the fact that there is no pain. The best dentists in Las Vegas won't make you wait. Applies to new patients only. For non-insured patients exam X-Ray is not included. Online promotional pricing only.
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Pleasant Smiles Dental Practice, serving the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV., area.

Single Wisdom Extraction

If you are experiencing a severe toothache, pain and stress can be alleviated more effectively when addressed promptly. Promotional price does not include exam X-Ray. Promotion applies to patients with no insurance only. Promotion only covers the first wisdom tooth extraction.
Dental Clinic 89123

Dental Crowns

We strive for the precise fitment of your crown replacements. Promotional price does not include exam X-Ray. This offer is limited to the first two crowns. Crown replacement includes high grade ceramic (non metal).
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Dentist Office 89123

Exam, X-Ray, Cleaning

At Pleasant Smiles we do our best to address emergencies the same or next business day. Our highly qualified dental hygienist are trained on the latest technology and are incredibly thorough.
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Cosmetic Dentist 89123

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of your entire mouth is included for all four quadrants. Periodontal maintenance is not included. Follow up cleanings are billed separately. Deep cleaning does not include laser therapy. A separate fee will be required if laser therapy is needed. Does not include surgical procedures to remove infection around teeth if needed.
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Dentist 89123

Hossein B.

"Awesome, caring, professional! Due to nature of my career, I have been lucky to travel the world and have experienced works of many different Dentists. Dr.Athari is by far the best dentist I have ever had a pleasure to meet and receive care from."
Dentist 89123

Kat D.

"I haven't gone to the dentist in years. I'm so glad i found a dentist that feels like home! Dr. Athari truly takes his time with each patient and is very thorough. I couldn't be happier with Dr. Athari and his staff. Everyone is amazing. I no longer fear going to the dentist."
dentist 89123

Anat K.

"You know the feeling that you are not sure if to trust a Dentist! So I trust Dr Athari to make sure my smile look good and ecstatic, my teeth are very important to me that's my beauty. They use the most updated technique and super nice and experienced team."

Quality Dental Care

Comprehensive Dentistry

In simple terms, the word comprehensive means to include all or nearly all of whatever it is you are addressing. In comprehensive dentistry, we address all the needs and desires each of our patients might have. From full mouth reconstruction to an exam, we’ve got you covered.

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Dentist 89123

Affordable dental SERVICES


Implants have changed the face of dentistry in the last 25 years. Dentists use the implant as a replacement for the root of the tooth. Like a natural tooth root, the implant is secured in the jawbone. Dental Implants look and feel like natural teeth. Compared to dentures, it's much easier to eat, smile, and talk with dental implants. We use CAT scan technology, architectural design software (specific to each patient’s skeletal structure) and robotic milling technology to accurately plan and execute the surgery, enabling our dentists to create the best outcome.

Learn Why Dentists Recommend Implants.
dental implants 89123

 Accepting both insured and Non-Insured Patients

General Dentistry

A healthy foundation to your oral health is key. When we think of a visit to the dentist, what we most often visualize is known as General Dentistry. My goal as a dentist is to provide quality dentistry that last a lifetime and build with you a long-term relationship of trust and value.

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General Dentistry

Compassionate SERVICES

Sedation Dentistry

For those who suffer with dental anxiety or those needing more extensive and complex procedure, such as "Teeth in a Day" or other major treatment, considering sedation can be life changing. At Pleasant Smiles, you can be assured that you would be able to complete your procedure while sedated. It will make the decision much easier. Multiple dentists would care for your wellbeing. While sedated all procedures go much more efficient and expedient.

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Providing Healthy Beautiful Smiles

Cosmetic Dentistry

Obtaining a beautiful and healthy smile (often referred to as Cosmetic Dentistry) requires many processes and specialized skills. Since 2007, Dr. Athari has been successful in providing dental care to our local entertainment industry along with an ever-increasing family of patients.

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Affordable Emergency SERVICES

Emergency Dental Care

At Pleasant Smiles, we do our best to address dental emergencies the same or next business day. Pain and stress can be alleviated effectively. From minor pain to fracture, loss of teeth and we do our best to address dental emergencies as quickly as possible. Speak with a dentist today and don't put off a tooth problem that could be causing other health problems. 

Emergency Dental Care

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