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Complete General Dental Services. Emergency Dentistry, Dental Reconstruction, Tooth Extraction, Cosmetic and Immediate Implants.


General Services

When we think of a visit to the dentist, what we most often visualize is known as General Dentistry, the care and maintenance of a healthy mouth. In General Dentistry, we are able to address the majority of care a patient might require such as basic preventive measures as well as fillings and fixing small issues.

General Dentistry can also address more complicated treatment such as extractions and root canals, implants and even full mouth cosmetic care. Most dentists today are comfortable with their chosen area of mastery and will refer a patient to another specialist if necessary. We are such a practice. The place you are referred to when the case is very complex, or there have been problems that need very specialized care, such as pediatric dentistry or orthodontics. We work closely with a team of specialists for those reasons.


  • Exams, X-Rays
  • Extractions
  • Fillings
  • Deep Cleanings
  • Root Canals

    At Pleasantsmiles, we create a long-term relationship with each of our patients and are happy to provide even the most basic care. Our office provides the highly skilled dental care you need when things go wrong in the mouth, but we also offer exceptional care when everything is going well with our patients’ oral health. Exams (and education) to ensure a healthy mouth, as well as X-Rays, Extractions, Fillings, Deep Cleanings, Root Canals and the challenges of Wisdom Teeth, and Implants, long before extreme measures are needed.

    If all you ever need is a cleaning and exam, we’re thrilled for you. We believe when visiting the dentist is pleasant; it easily becomes a part of your healthy lifestyle.