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Sedation Dentistry

For those who suffer with dental anxiety or those needing more extensive and complex procedures such as Teeth in a Day or other major treatment, considering sedation can be life changing.

At Pleasantsmiles, you can be assured that you would be able to complete your procedure while sedated. It will make the decision much easier. Multiple professionals would care for your wellbeing. While sedated all procedures go much more efficient and expedient.

Before sedation begins the patient would have gone through the initial examination and all concerns would be addressed such as treatment options and alternative solutions.

IV sedation can be life changing because it will make it possible for the patient to acquire the much needed care. Traumatic past experiences are the number one reason why patients neglect their condition till the pain is so much that it causes them to seek help.

It would be so much easier to find the right doctor first and be examined before anything is done. This way one would be able to assess the doctor’s bedside manner and skill level first and foremost. Once the patient decides that they feel comfortable with their practitioner then education about their case will start. This means learning about all possible treatment options, learning about post op related concerns such as recovery.

Cost and financing are a huge part of our everyday life’s choices and those too can be discussed. After all the concerns and questions have been addressed patients need some time to decide about their plan and timing especially when it is important to involve the family. Some of our patients live outside the state and they go back and plan for the right timing to come back and get their treatment done when they are ready. Las Vegas is one of the prime places for dental tourism and it makes only sense to plan and arrange so that the patient can maximize their stay and all the things they like to do.

Once the decision has been made to go forward with the care an appointment would be set and the patient would arrive with a companion to our facility for their treatment. Some complex treatments such as Teeth in a Day are completed within a day so it is possible to go through this life changing event and still be able to not have the fear and anxiety that would hold one down. Some treatments are done in stages such as full mouth rehabilitation where there may be multiple different types of treatments that are needed such as root canals and crowns which can all be done with IV sedation. Because the amount of work is more than what the practitioner can provide this is the kind of treatment that can be accomplished in as little as 2 -4 visits depending on the complexity of work.

When sedation is provided the patient must have a companion that would bring them and take them back home or to their hotel for their recovery and rest. One person must be with the patient for one day after the treatment has been rendered. Sometimes patients may be slightly weak or they may get slightly light headed after the care is rendered and that is the reason we need our patients to have a caregiver for one day. Most patients do not feel much discomfort the next day and can go about their lives as they did before with some food modifications. When the treatment is completed the day of surgery the patient will wake up and while they may not remember anything about the surgery they are able to get up and walk and go about their lives.

How does it work?

Once the anesthesiologist goes over the medical history and determines that you are ready for the procedure IV sedation can be administered and the effects are almost instantaneous. Of course it is recommended to have an empty stomach and no food consumption the day of surgery. Most procedures are 2-4 hours and once the procedure is complete the patient will come out of anesthesia and will be fully aware and can walk. Although we will provide a wheelchair companionship to your vehicle most patients have no difficulties walking.

Sometimes when the surgical procedure is completed lab procedures will start after a small break. For that part the patient is fully awake and responsive and oftentimes their help is required in small tasks such as opening and smiling and performing the motion of chewing.

Most patients do not feel much post op residual effects or discomfort from sedation and can perform normal functions such as personal hygiene and walking and performing daily tasks.