Comprehensive Dentistry

In simple terms, the word #comprehensive means to include all or nearly all of whatever it is you are addressing. In comprehensive #dentistry, we address all the needs and desires each of our patients might have. From full mouth reconstruction to an exam, we’ve got you covered.

From paperwork to full mouth restoration, our goal is always the same. To provide our patients with a stress-free environment, efficiently addressing each of their needs, with dignity and respect.

Challenging cases, often including partial or full mouth reconstruction, require advanced treatments:

  • Root canals

  • Restorations

  • Fixed Crowns and Bridges

  • Implant Supported Crow

Any or all of those measures need to be provided by a professional with both the experience to make valid determinations and a team to support those efforts.

Dr. Athari has more than twenty years of experience. He has also compiled a team of trusted peers to call upon when support is needed. At Pleasantsmiles, our approach ensures a stable mouth that can last a lifetime. Early preventative work and minimally invasive treatment can often address minor problems and stave off major issues. When a patient presents with more difficult issues (moderate to severe), there are many options to regain optimal function and appearance. Through a variety of procedures and appliances, a youthful, healthy, and stunning smile is within every patient’s grasp.